Angela Adamson LMT

  As a child I was always concerned for others in pain, wishing that I could help them. Along with a deep concern for our planet and our future on it. When I became a young adult I found myself drawn to holistic health care. Eventually I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy (the love of my life) and this curiosity was kicked into overdrive in order to provide my son with the healthiest nutrition available.

While at Mercy college I was taught Hot Stone massage, Reflexology, Healing Touch, Basic Cranial Sacral therapy, Basic Trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue work, Acupressure, Myofascial release, Chair massage and Massage for the medically frail and Cancer patients. During our clinical we worked at St. Vincent’s hospital, Hospice of Northwest Ohio, Mercy Tiffin Hospital radiation therapy center and St. Charles Hospital. While in the hospital’s we worked in the Pediatric unit, Oncology department and the Palliative care unit. We also provided Relaxation Massage for chemotherapy and radiation patients after their treatments. All of this was so fulfilling to my heart and soul! I have so many wonderful memories of moments of joy and sadness. It was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever been blessed with!

Now as I move forward with Trinity Therapeutic Massage LLC  my vision of helping everyone feel better is realized. I know without a doubt that God has put me in the perfect place for my passion to grow! I am currently taking classes in Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy Master Course, Soft Tissue Release, Anatomy of Stretching, Muscle Energy Technique, Healing Massage for over 40 illnesses and the Anatomy of Sports injuries. I will continue to educate myself and grow in my career in order to provide my clients with the best, most knowledgeable care that I can provide for them.  That is my goal!

Naturally there was this attraction to alternative healthcare that I could no longer resist so when a commercial aired for Mercy college of Northwest Ohio’s Therapeutic Massage program I jumped at the chance to become a part of the alternative healthcare that I was so very passionate about! It was one of the best experiences of my life!

On December 20th of 2009 I received my Associates of Science in Therapeutic Massage from Mercy College of Northwest Ohio. Due to unforeseen circumstances and fear I didn’t test for my license until 2014, fortunately (with God’s grace) I passed with flying colors! After that I knew I wanted to own my own business so I worked hard and opened Trinity Therapeutic Massage LLC.   This decision has left me completely happy and  I cannot wait to get to work every day to experience the joy of helping another person feel better!

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